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About Us

We have 30+ years of experience with ceramic bisque. Manufacturing, firing, glazing paint and selling it. We strive to provide the highest quality of ceramic bisque that you can find! When you receive our ceramic bisque you will notice the difference.

We are primarily located in Chicago, IL with no location open to the public just yet. 

We pride ourselves in providing high quality products and services. We manufacture our pottery and are able to control the quality at which our products leave our shelves.

Our ceramics goes through the following quality control:

  • A correct consistency of ceramic slip, without dried clumps or excess silicate. 
  • Measured pouring speeds to deter defects from bubbles or improper fills. 
  • Poured with a timed thickness for durability yet low weight. 
  • Seams carefully cleaned. 
  • Foundation of pieces are flattened for proper standing without wobble. 
  • Care taken to make sure pieces are not warped. 
  • Digitally fired at cone 04 for consistency and best absorption of the most mediums. 
  • Sanded after firing if correctable defects found. (tiny scrapes and speckles of clay) 
  • Discarded if cracked or too defective. 
  • Stored in environment free of smoke, moisture, dirt and clay. 
  • Never handled near oils that reduce paint adherence. 

Plus, we have a money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with your product.

We are currently a small team which handles shipping, marketing, customer service and web design. 

We strive to impess!